Artists share personal experiences - Focus on abuse in exhibition

Horowhenua Chronicle, Janine Baalbergen, 7 November 2018


Artists Karen Hansen and Jayson Nikera shared from their personal lives and experiences of abuse during the opening of the No Shame No Silence exhibition in Te Awahou Nieuwe Stroom last Thursday night.

Each artist’s life journey is extremely personal and painful and took a bit of courage to share.

Karen Hansen said, “I have touched the depths of hell therefore I should be able to reach greater heights in heaven

. . . bad experiences are outweighed by the good, just as bad people are outweighed by the kindness of humanity.”

She said the Family Court system only focuses on the darkness in her life. “To the system I am at risk of a lot of things, such as suicide, depression, drug abuse . . . but that view misses the light and the strength built into me by my grandparents . . . it misses the fact I was able to read at adult level by the age of 10 . . . ”

She talked about the trauma of having her children taken from her, and how while fighting that decision she discovered the system broke its own rules. “True change happens in the human heart, not at government level and that is where the system is heading,” she said.

Jayson Mikera said he wanted to bring awareness of abuse with his art. “The issue of domestic violence has been known for years.

“We all come from a warrior background no matter what race or creed we come from. We defended land, our own individuality. We are all tainted. We are people who fought for land or power. That warrior-ism can be transferred negatively to inside the home, which needs to be a safe place.”

He said he was nurtured and loved by grandparents and great grandmother until the age 6 when he returned to his mum, Just fill in and return the entry form below, decorate your home or business with Christmas Lights

(or create a Christmas window) at your business to win prizes! who had him when she was very young, and stepdad. Life with them was the total opposite to his previous life, he said.

MC was Brendan Duffy, who also shared how violence had impacted members of his extended family.

Green Party MP Jan Logie was present at the launch. She’s Parliamentary Under-Secretary to the Minister of Justice (domestic and sexual violence).