F#!k The System - Jayson Nikera

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About the work

Jayson Nikera, 2018
Mixed media, collage, paper and acrylic
on canvas
762mm x 1016mm

As a young man growing up in an environment that would make the movie once were warrior’s look like a children’s fairy tale, this is the next level of family violence. F#!k the system is my way of saying that they just don’t want to ‘get it’ and only add to the problem instead of helping. Their help is too little too late. They aggravate instead. So F#!k  the system!

About the artist

Jayson is of Aotearoa (New Zealand) Māori with a touch of Irish and Scottish descent.

“I have recently done some soul searching, finding one’s purpose, self discovery or even finding that inner peace. Now that I have a clearer understanding of what makes me tick I believe that I can live the rest of my life with purpose.

I took bone and wood carving courses when in my early teens and continued to carve as a hobbyist on and off for many years.

During my mid twenties I was introduced to Pounamu and then gold and silver studying under a local gemstone artist as well as a local jeweler.

Following that I left to work in film as a set carver and finisher on the film Lord of the Rings. During the time when set work was down, I worked as a display gemstone carver at private art gallery Tamarillo in the heart of Wellington City.

Now I am on a journey to hone my knowledge and talent in contemporary Māori art and jewellery to create pieces for people from all around the world to enjoy.
Noho Ora Mai.”


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