Maemae Taku Wairua - Linda Munn

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About the work

Linda Munn, 2018
Acrylic on linen

This piece talks about how our wairua / spirit can be hurt but we find ways to heal.

About the artist

Linda Munn is a full time artist, who has been art making for twenty plus years.  As a young clay artist she was mentored by Manos Nathan and Wi Te Tau Pirika Taepa. It was through their teaching and influence that led to a lifelong love for whakairo, sculpture and uku (clay).

Munn has been painting seriously for several years and she has always stated that she painted like she made clay; the marks made while constructing pots and sculptures became really quite interesting when put to canvas and paper using paint. This concept has now evolved to looking at mark making using Te Reo Maori or specifically Kupu (word). For example the word Haehae is a term used in Whakairo (carving) and is used to describe the marks of grief. During Tangi (funeral), Wahine in a highly emotional state of grief would mark their bodies with their fingernails, shells and stone so that blood was spilt, the marks made are referred to as Haehae.

In 1989, Linda Munn with Jan Dobson and Hiraina Marsden collaborated on a design which would become the Maori flag, Tino Rangatiratanga. In 2017 it has become a symbol for not only Maori but has become a visual presence supporting Indigenous voices throughout the globe.

Munn’s passion has always been about community, the safety of Wahine (women), Tamariki (children) and the learning and sharing of knowledge. The power of Art making translates across all barriers and cultures.

She works as a teacher, mentor and volunteer with people from all walks of life.



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