Born and raised in the Wellington region, Christopher's love of photography began thanks to his Dad. He loved taking photos and developing them in any small dark room he could find and turn into his own dark room!

Christopher would watch with amazement as the developer would start to show the image on the paper like some sort of magic trick. He was hooked! He began to learn how to use the camera controls and develop 35mm film by exposing the paper to light with the enlarger.

Initially choosing to follow a career in banking, Christopher quickly discovered  at age 24 banking was not making him happy. So stepping out of his comfort zone he followed his passion and enrolled in a photography course on the Kapiti Coast. After graduating he opened a studio in Wellington and completed a lot of fashion and commercial client work. From there, some photography work overseas, as well as working for large brands within the Wellington and Palmerston North areas.

Since beginning work as a professional photographer in 2005, Christopher can say he has never been happier! Based in the Horowhenua district in the Manawatu region with partner Rebecca and children, Ruby and Taylor, Christopher lives on a small lifestyle block where they are waiting for gum trees to grow and seek out new hiding spots for their chicken’s eggs.

A perfectionist, Christopher won’t rest until he has captured the perfect image. A real people person, someone who enjoys capturing the performance, essence and emotions of others, along with the environment in his work. Great at putting people at ease with his laid back personality even the most reluctant of photography subjects enjoys their photoshoot!

His superb studio and on location lighting techniques, together with his advanced Photoshop retouching and compositing skills, ensure perfection in every image he takes.

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