Jaymie Mundy has a love for arts, crafts and sculpture. She is a mixed media artist that combines timber and textiles to create visual art.

Jaymie is trained in Whakairo (traditional Maori art of carving wood, stone or bone) and Raranga (Maori weaving). She was heavily influenced by being made to clean the dust of wooden carvings in Wharenui and the support she receives from people around her.
The work for No Shame No Silence is a representation of how women use the things close at hand and in abundance to create a life for themselves and their children, extended family and community. "If the only resources available to them are abusive family court documents then it's time to dig deep and craft and salvage something from an item that's ugly; that causes such hurt, adds to conflict and displays the worst in people and turn it into a strong statement piece to display."

"It’s hard to put into words but it’s being able to turn something that caused so much pain and stress into a piece of art that communicates and sends a strong message."

Jaymie's advice for young artists is to start with the things you've seen your Nana's or Koro's hands making.