Kia Ora

Ko Kahuranaki te Maunga – The mountain that I affiliate to is Kahuranaki
Ko Ngaruroro te Awa – The river that I affiliate to is Ngaruroro
Ko Takitimu te Waka – The waka that I affiliate to is Takitimu
Ko Taamatea Ariki Nui toku Tipuna – My founding ancestor is Tamatea Ariki Nui
Ko Ngati Kahungunu toku iwi – My tribe is Ngati Kahungunu
Ko Ngati Hori toku hapu – My sub tribe is Ngati Hori
Ko Waipatu Marae toku Marae – My marae is Waipatu Marae
No Waipatu ahau – I am from Waipatu
Ko Jayson Nikera toku ingoa – My name is Jayson Nikera

I am of Aotearoa (New Zealand) Maori with a touch of Irish and Scottish descent.  I am into NZ art, music, great food, being entrepreneurial, and exercising. I have a beautiful family of three teenage girls, one older step son, my partner plus our 3 little dogs.

I have recently finished exploring my life’s past journeys that had me searching for a purpose of life that spanned over a period of the past 5 years in order to discover my future. You could call it soul searching, finding one’s purpose, self discovery or even finding that inner peace.

Now that I have a clearer understanding of what makes me tick I believe that I can live the rest of my life on purpose.

Throughout my life I have been exposed to many different situations that would have a great impact upon me. It has allowed me to become the person I am today and find my true self and purpose.

My first experience with carving was while attending primary school. We carved a mural of Maui captures and slows the sun using MDF. A few of us also got paired up with another student and carved a pou (statue figure) from an old totara (native NZ wood) fence post to be placed in the school driveway.

I took bone and wood carving courses when in my early teens and continued to carve as a hobbyist off and on for many years.

During my mid twenties I was introduced to Pounamu and then gold and silver studying under a local gemstone artist as well as a local jeweler.

Following that I left to work in film as a set carver and finisher on the film Lord of the Rings, as work was available spanning over a 3 year period. Between the time I had off when set work was down, I worked as a display gemstone carver at private art gallery that was known as Tamarillo in the heart of Wellington City.

I took up the art of direct sales and small business for the next 10 years when I realised that you could be the best artist in the world but unless you knew how to market yourself you could end up never really knowing if you were really any good.

Coming back to art I completed one year at level four Toi Mairangi, Te Wananga o Aotearoa back in 2009 to add painting to my bow.

Now I am on a journey to hone my knowledge and talent in contemporary Maori art and jewellery to create pieces for people from all around the world to enjoy.

Noho Ora Mai

Jayson Nikera