Working with mostly graphite and ink to create contrast, it is through growth as an artist that Katy explores the perceptions of society around the female figure.

By including the partial and simplification of the human form through liminal or transitional states the translation of the female form in transition is intended to be seen in flux or conflict. Through exploring this fragmented body, at times seemingly incoherent, the pathos or emotion that surrounds the elemental core of how we view the female form and psyche is a way of seeing which informs the way we can choose to look at the world.  
Often, in the combination of floral or botanical elements with anatomic parts, give suggested shape and combines the living examples of the plant world with our living selves. Katy has been exploring ideas of the formation and influences of the perception of the female form and how people view women in partial form, how simple anatomic parts can appear feminine when softened with botanicals that make obvious that which is absent is as significant as that which is present.