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A Thousand Tears - Ana Couper

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About the work

Ana Couper, 2018
Mixed media
650mm x 650mm
Estimated value: $600-$1200

The tears that are never seen by anyone and yet we all feel them. This is for all of us that are still living with it in our minds and in our hearts. Aroha to all of you.

“A Thousand Tears” for all the children that have cried while growing up in abusive family environments.

About the artist

An artist, ceramicist and curator, Ana has been exhibiting since 2014.

Ana has art and ceramics in private collections all over the world. She exhibited as a solo artist in 2018 at Waikato Museum, Artspost and  is a permanent exhibitor and curator at Waihi Beach Gallery.

She is also a human rights advocate and known international author on responsibilities of states.


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