Kawakawa Heart - Black

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About the work

Sarah-Jayne Shine, 2018
Printers ink on B&F paper DCP Offset
A4 print signed by the artist

This work was produced using an 19th century proof press in the heart of Foxton. The original kawakawa that the plates were produced from came from Lake Papaitonga. “The location for this work was important for me, grief brought me to Horowhenua, and it was the community of Horowhenua who helped me to heal and move through that grief”.

The simple  kawakawa heart is a symbol of the No Shame No Silence exhibition.

About the artist

Sarah-Jayne Shine (Lemonface) is all about creating empowering connections, this is evident in her concepts through art and design.

Being part of the Community in Action march to Parliament in August 2017 to deliver a petition to the Government demanding a Royal Commission of Inquiry into the Family Court had a profound impact. As a follow up to this event, No Shame No Silence was born.

The work produced within the exhibition by Sarah-Jayne aims to provoke thought and cultivate conversations around what society sees versus what is hidden in our communities around domestic violence and the part the Family Court plays in the shadows. Sunlight is the best disinfectant.

Most of all, Sarah-Jayne hopes to show the enduring spirit of domestic violence survivors by bringing them together and providing a platform to collaborate and have their voices heard in the No Shame No Silence exhibition.


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