Window - Jayson Nikera

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About the work

Jayson Nikera, 2018
Acrylic on canvas
762mm x 1016mm

Hidden behind a mask, staring out of the window is a lost soul hiding from his own existence. The mask is put on when one does not know who they are and because of their abuser they adopt a fake persona to hide their pain from the world. The window is a safe place to stare out from looking out at the world and only seeing peace. Rain has a way of washing away the bullshit in life and creates a feeling of cleansing.

About the artist

Jayson is of Aotearoa (New Zealand) Māori with a touch of Irish and Scottish descent.

“I have recently done some soul searching, finding one’s purpose, self discovery or even finding that inner peace. Now that I have a clearer understanding of what makes me tick I believe that I can live the rest of my life with purpose.

I took bone and wood carving courses when in my early teens and continued to carve as a hobbyist on and off for many years.

During my mid twenties I was introduced to Pounamu and then gold and silver studying under a local gemstone artist as well as a local jeweler.

Following that I left to work in film as a set carver and finisher on the film Lord of the Rings. During the time when set work was down, I worked as a display gemstone carver at private art gallery Tamarillo in the heart of Wellington City.

Now I am on a journey to hone my knowledge and talent in contemporary Māori art and jewellery to create pieces for people from all around the world to enjoy.
Noho Ora Mai.”


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